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While Pastoring I was able to formulate a unique and successful style of counseling.  I worked with clients who had issues from substance abuse, trauma, or life issues.  I developed youth programs for junior high and High school levels.  I led weekly youth group, where I produced the whole meeting.  I also perfected my speaking skills by engaging in speaking to the congregation one Sunday every month. 

Pastoral counseling, a clinical practice that integrates both psychological and theological concepts into its framework, is not unlike other therapy when it comes to the therapeutic process. What sets it apart is the way faith, spirituality, and theology are incorporated into the model. Pastoral counselors believe this incorporation of spiritual exploration and support can foster wholeness, healing, and growth in those who are seeking help.

Beyond providing psychotherapy, pastoral counselors utilize resources such as prayer, scripture study, and participation in the congregation community to help guide people on their journey toward transcendence, transformation, and greater connection to others.

"Religion is for people who fear hell, Spirituality is for people who have been there."

David Bowie

Who knew? Whatever you find, wherever you are in your search, is good enough. Spirituality is not so difficult.

Image by Trent Bradley
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